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Free Visio Automation Workshop In The Netherlands – 22nd October, Breukelen


In the same week as The BICSI European Conference on 20th October in Amsterdam, we will be running a half day Visio automation workshop in Breukelen with our partner Abraxax. Attendance is free with registrations handled by Abraxax.

In the half day workshop David Cuthbertson, CEO Square Mile Systems will be covering how to quickly map and maintain the understanding of data centre and technical infrastructure. This workshop will focus on Visio techniques and best practice for documenting critical data centre infrastructure, complex networks and ITIL service/application mapping. The main technology areas are;

  • Automating Visio infrastructure diagrams from inventory/connectivity datasets & CMDBs
  • Mapping techniques for applications, racks, cabling, servers, networks, floor plans, etc.
  • Creating “drill down” diagrams to simplify larger infrastructure
  • Visualising CMDBs for change/risk impact analysis and CMDB administration
  • Visio tips and tricks to reduce diagram maintenance and improve accuracy
  • Reducing duplication of projects and operations documentation


The seminar will start at 9:00am and finish at 12:30. Presenters are also willing to help with delegate questions on infrastructure visualisation and areas of specific interest. More detailed workshop information.

To attend, please register with Abraxax or call Ronald Jansen directly on +31 (0)20 76 010 35. Places are limited to 30 so early registration is encouraged.

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