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Workshops 1st and 2nd March, UK – Improving IT Infrastructure Change and Risk Planning


Square Mile Systems is partnering with Networks Centre to deliver two free half day workshops at our Square Mile HQ in Poulton, Glos and Networks Centre in Horsham. We will cover how change and risk planning are heavily dependent on the quality of infrastructure documentation – often found to be the weakest link of IT systems administration.

Many still find it difficult to maintain an inventory of hardware and software components, without even addressing basic requirements such as naming conventions, process and data issues. We will also cover advanced methods to map and visualise multiple dependencies as well as support project, recovery and cyber security information needs.

Types of dependencies we will cover include space, connectivity, virtualisation, applications and services.


We will cover the following areas;

  • Achieving a baseline inventory for project/programme/risk planning
  • Documenting physical and logical dependencies of shared infrastructure components
  • Practical mapping of data centres, networks, applications and services
  • Improving change impact analysis for centralised planning and management
  • Host to application mapping techniques
  • Automating Visio rack, network and ITIL service diagrams from databases and CMDBs
  • Keeping the information current, using change workflow and automation


Wednesday 1st March           Square Mile Systems HQ, Poulton, Cirencester, Glos 

Thursday 2nd March             Networks Centre, Broadbridge Heath, West Sussex


Attendance is free upon registration. 9:00 for 9:30am start. Finish by 12 noon with a buffet lunch.

Networks Centre are managing registrations for the both workshops.

To register  [click here]

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