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Free Webinar: The Financial Benefits Of Documenting Your IT Environment, Nov 19th 2020



In our next free webinar, David Cuthbertson will be covering how to quantify the financial benefits of documenting IT environments. For many the value of good information for decision making is clear, but changing from inconsistent and duplicated data needs good articulation and explanation to get the right resources allocated. David will show how short term and long-term cost savings can be achieved – as well as improvements in project, risk, control and governance processes.

Delegates will learn how to:

  • Identify opportunities for consolidation of systems and footprint reduction.
  • Reduce project costs with improved visibility of infrastructure usage, capacity and change risks.
  • Reduced need for multiple audits often focused on different management information requirements.
  • Understand costs and issues for both on-premise and cloud provisioning.
  • Satisfy external auditors who need to see evidence of control for financial, licensing and contractual needs.
  • Reduce wasted effort by project and operational teams producing and maintaining documentation that can be easily automated.
  • Reuse the data sets needed to efficiently support lifecycle management – plan, build, operate and decommission.
  • Reduce the effort and cost to plan and mitigate risks, right sizing recovery and failover options

The webinar is scheduled for November 19th at 13:00 UK time | 08:00 EDT.

Registration for the webinar is free and you can register on the following link: https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/1926/441857

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