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Free Seminar 12 April – Managing Change in Critical IT Infrastructure


Tue 12th Apr 2011, 09:00 – 13:00, City of London, Free Seminar (see below to book)

Managing Change in Critical IT Infrastructure

The impact of changes to complex IT infrastructure is not easy to manage – cost, confidence, project timescales, dependencies, communication and risks are all involved. In our informal half day seminar we have speakers talking about new techniques and support systems used for the management of critical systems. When you have many thousands of servers and desktops linked by tens of thousands of connecting wires, the costs and risk of changes multiply, so why not understand how others meet the challenges with infrastructure configuration management principles?

1. Implementing and Maintaining a Successful CMDB
Anthony Brimacombe, Head of Configuration Management, Lloyds Banking Group

Maintaining a knowledge system that maps over 15000 hosts to the systems and services that keep a major bank running is not easy. The ITIL framework emphasises the value of configuration management as a supporting system for change, incident and problem management, but doing it is another matter. As one of the few organisations that have successfully run a production CMDB for many years, Anthony will cover how his team continues to evolve techniques and the recent use of AssetGen technology to improve service impact and dependency understanding.

2. Enhancing the Support Service Experience.
Barry Horgan (Director) and Ashraff Khan (Head of Professional Services), Excel-IT.

Excel-IT provide UK and European managed IT services covering adds/moves/changes, physical infrastructure management, networks and data centre services for large and medium companies. Managing large numbers of engineers, covering multiple projects and tasks every day, requires specialist systems to help manage workflow, customer communication and the knowledge of constantly changing infrastructure. Barry and Ashraff will cover how AssetGen fits into their company support service strategy along with other supporting systems.

3. Reducing Spreadsheet Chaos and Visio Overload
David Cuthbertson, Director, Square Mile Systems

Maintaining a consistent, shared view of infrastructure space, power, inventory, connectivity, networks, virtual systems, applications and services is typically beyond the capabilities of Excel and Visio. The AssetGen approach uses a shared infrastructure application to automate the production of the Excel and Visio diagrams needed for projects and operations teams. It also enables management controls and reporting in areas such as capacity planning, change audit trails, shared risk identification and recovery planning.

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