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Data Centre Visualization with Visio 2007


Visualize the data centre using MS Visio and automate the production of floor, rack and topology diagrams. Make it easy to identify paths, locations and potential single points of failure of power/LAN/SAN/WAN services.

Understanding a data center is difficult due to the number of devices and connections crammed into a small space. The best way to explain location, paths, risks and capacity is often with a picture of diagram, so our techniques that automate Visio diagram production significantly reduces the work on data centre, operations and project teams.

  1. Floor plans
  2. Pathways and cabling routes
  3. Rack infrastructure overviews – Cabling and Power
  4. Rack layouts (front and back)
  5. Network LAN/SAN.WAN topology diagrams
  6. Resilience and SPoF (single point of failure) diagrams
  7. Visual status – hot spots, capacity, ownership

As with any diagram, a specific view is created to meet the needs of planners, project teams, operations etc. Visio provides a wealth of features to enhance diagrams with additional data as well as publish to intranets.

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