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Documenting Networks – Making Visio Work For You


Its common sense that there should always be an up to date diagram to explain how a complex IT network is constructed and configured. But in practice the size, depth and complexity of modern corporate networks makes this very difficult. The industry standard MS Visio diagramming software is often used ineffectively, due to lack of awareness of its advanced features, making good documentation too costly and time consuming.

Documenting Networks – A Good Idea, Or A Sign of Mature Management?

It may seem obvious to document the critical communications infrastructure that a business relies on – how do you plan changes and identify faults without good documentation? The knowledge involving the components and configuration of network infrastructure is often recorded only because of individual (because it’s what any professional engineer does) or corporate (we need to manage complexity across teams) culture. Where there is a contractual requirement, such as a managed or outsourced service, you would expect the supplier to maintain good records so the billing and support coverage will be consistent. You would expect there to be lots of up to date infrastructure diagrams available explaining different aspects of infrastructure operation and configuration. If only this was the case….

Maybe we to make Visio work for us!


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