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“Select by data” feature – part of SMS Visio Utils 1.2


See our new version 1.2 of the SMS Visio Utils – a free Visio addin providing functionality such as Data Center Floor Layout, Diagram Organizer and Diagram Publisher modules.

This update has the new “Select by Data” feature.

Select by Data - part of SMS Visio Utils

Select by data – click for larger image

Have you ever been frustrated that Visio’s built-in “Select by Type” option is limited to selecting by layer, or all shapes/groups/metafiles? You can search within shape data, but you can’t select by shape data values – well now you can!

This function is very useful for selecting shapes by the value of any of the shape data fields that they contain.

Being able to select shapes allows you to do things like:

  • Change colours, or text or line styles or change size for lots of objects with one action
  • Change the layer
  • Copy and paste a set of objects into another page or diagram

If you have tens or hundreds of shapes in a large diagram then this can become very useful, especially if the shapes are distributed around the page making it hard or error prone to manually shift click and select them.

The diagram shown has selected all shapes where field “ci_group” equals “3-Software” – some 21 shapes spread around the diagram – we might want to change the fill colour of all these shapes, or their width and height in one action. The “Use Existing Selection” allows you to refine your search, for example first selecting all shapes by field X and then selecting within that group by field Y.

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