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Cost Benefits of Documenting Infrastructure Connectivity

Apr 2009   To view [click here] 50K pdf

Every change of connectivity has a cost with incomplete or untrusted infrastructure documentation resulting in high costs of change and stopping the ability of managers to implement capacity and control processes. The …

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Linking Data Center Management to Power Monitoring

Jun 2009   To view [click here] 1.1M pdf

Case study covering the integration of data center management tools to power monitoring software.  The different focus, presentation and benefits are covered of each toolset, as well as the value in linking …

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Visualizing Data Center Capacity with Visio

Creating and maintaining capacity views of data centers can be simplified by linking data center management tools to Visio. Included are examples of different views of the same data center from a single Visio diagram.

As a frequently used feature Visio layers enables cable lanes, cooling runs, paths of cable trays, earthing zones etc. to …

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Data Centre Visualization with Visio 2007

Visualize the data centre using MS Visio and automate the production of floor, rack and topology diagrams. Make it easy to identify paths, locations and potential single points of failure of power/LAN/SAN/WAN services.

Understanding a data center is difficult due to the number of devices and connections crammed into a small space. The best way …

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The impact of ISO20000/BS15000 on Outsourcing

With the release of ISO20000 the service management standard in Dec 2005,
outsourcing vendors will be affected significantly. This white paper looks at the
impact on operational management processes in meeting ISO20000.

The outsourcing market is changing with the increasing adoption by customers of the ITIL
framework and the ISO20000/BS15000 standard. Many customers are using …

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Is Automating Infrastructure Documentation Practical?

Autodiscovery toolsets are bought with great expectations but often
fail to deliver. This white paper looks at the reasons why.

With the increasing complexity of modern ICT infrastructures, the use of automated
discovery toolsets is often seen as the only way to regain control. In practice however,
many organisations have found that auto-discovery packages and …

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