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Free Webinar: How To Simplify Data Centre Migration Planning, Sep 17th 2020

Migrating data centres or moving to co-location is complex and subject to cost overruns, especially where existing infrastructure documentation is of questionable quality. Our host David Cuthbertson will show you how the use of database driven toolsets can help automate the project processes and avoid many of the typical problems that organisations with overstretched teams …

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Free Webinar: Case Study On Baseline Auditing of Multiple Data Centres, Aug 13th 2020

Our next webinar will show you how we approached the baseline auditing of a large multi-data centre environment – covering the issues and decision points along the way. As well as the common issues of inconsistent data on a large scale, there were also a few unexpected challenges on the way!

You can register here

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Microsoft Visio Masterclass with David Parker, 2nd July 2020

We are glad to announce that for the next Visio masterclass on July 2nd, we are honoured to have David Parker of bVisual presenting advanced Visio capabilities and techniques. David has been a Visio MVP since 2004, has authored a number of Visio books and continues to work closely with Microsoft on data …

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Free Webinar: Control by design – How to build a vendor independent cloud infrastructure, July 9th 2020

With multiple approaches to implementing cloud computing, customers have a variety of technical choices to consider as part of their cloud strategy. Many vendors have attractive offerings which may look tempting at first glance, but you could end up being locked in with no capability of porting to another platform. It’s good to make sure …

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Free Webinar – Visio Automation For Enterprise Infrastructure, 21st May

Visio is a great tool for creating a diagram that visualizes data centers, racks, networks, floor plans, data centers, wifi hotspots, systems, applications, cloud computing, etc. In our webinar we’ll show how to create and update the 100s or 1000s of diagrams needed for medium and large organisations.

The host and speaker for this webinar …

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Free Webinar – Managing Connectivity Across Multi-Site Enterprises, June 19 2020

After BrightTALK cancelled our webinar, this event will now be taking place on the 19th June.

Our webinar covers methods and best practices to manage multi-site connectivity and data centres. We will cover common issues such as;

  • Naming
  • Labelling
  • Configurations
  • Workflow

Alongside record keeping, all challenges that make connectivity management difficult. The aim is to …

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Microsoft Visio Masterclasses

We are glad to announce that our CEO David Cuthbertson will be hosting a series of interactive Visio masterclass’, focused on IT Infrastructure diagramming. Ideal for experienced Visio users, who have to manage and update infrastructure diagrams of larger enterprise environments. David will cover areas such as;

  • Data Centres
  • Networks
  • Application Mapping
  • Cabling & Power
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Free Webinar – Cyber Security & Configuration MGMT: Meeting the needs of NIST/CMMC/ISO27001 – 9th April 2020

cyber securityThe newer Cyber security frameworks repeat the same need for configuration management processes as other frameworks such as ITIL and Cobit. Informed decisions and risk assessments should be based on maintained understanding of your IT infrastructure and systems, not a quick look before certification. Guessing and assuming dependencies does not continuously secure an environment, build …

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DCA Conference (Change Management In the Data Centre) – London, 21st April 2020

change managementThe Change Management in the Data Centre event is aimed at data centre and IT professionals tasked with understanding the rapidly changing technology landscape, with a view to ensuring that the marriage of data centres and IT infrastructure is a dynamic and positive force for any business committed to digital transformation. To understand your technology, …

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Free Webinar – Integrating Excel, Visio With Data Center Management Toolsets – 19th March 2020

Visio & ExcelOur next upcoming webinar will show delegates how to link specialist data center management tool-sets with Excel and Visio. Learn how to combine the flexibility of MS office tools with the accuracy and depth of data center management systems.

The host and speaker for this webinar is our CEO David Cuthbertson, whom you may …

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