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Diagram Organizer

Organizing your diagrams – highlighting impacts and dependencies (click to enlarge)

This module of the SMS Visio Utils addin helps organize and filter complex network, application and service map topology diagrams.

It allows you to:

  • Re-organize diagrams by selecting parents and/or children of a shape to copy and paste them into other pages of a diagram
  • Filter diagrams to show only the selected shapes and all shapes it is connected to (hiding other shapes and their connectors)
  • Select shapes according to the values of their shape data – very useful for larger diagrams where you might want to resize lots of similar shapes in one action, or highlight them by changing line style or fill color

The video below shows you the following steps:

  • Reorganizing complex diagrams which were the output of AssetGen into multiple pages
  • Filtering large diagrams to interactively make sense of relationships, impacts and dependencies
  • Quickly highlighting impacts and/or dependencies of a CI in a service map diagram

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