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Diagram Publisher

Diagram Publisher – the same row of cabinets with 3 different data graphics (click to enlarge)

This module of the SMS Visio Utils addin helps publishing your diagrams quickly and easily for dashboards or intranet portals.

It allows you to:

  • select multiple pages of a diagram
  • select from an auto-populated list the various data graphics that are applicable to each page within the diagram
  • loop through each page of the document, and in turn apply and publish in PDF or web format each selected data graphic

This is useful where your diagrams may have multiple pages (even tens or hundreds) and where the effort of manually applying data graphics (each highlighting a different aspect of the data) can be considerable. The output might be hundreds of individual PDF files or web pages.

The video below shows you the following steps:

  • adding some data graphics to different pages of a document
  • publishing the document in a web format and publishing to an intranet portal

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