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Network Connector

Network Connector with Port Labels

Fig 1. Network Connector with Port labels. (Click to view details)

The intelligent network connector shape (available as a Visio stencil) is designed to make it easy to layout Visio topology diagrams, where port naming needs to be displayed consistently. It saves a lot of time creating and updating diagrams which require constant re-arrangement of shapes, connectors and port layouts.

The connector shape has menu options and behavior to support the typical layout issues on complex network topology diagrams. It is designed to work with the SMS Visio utils “Network Organiser” module for fast, simple diagram layout. It is also supplied as standard with the AssetGen Connect system to support automated Visio outputs.

In Figure 1 we see a sample diagram using the intelligent connector as an initial output. Figure 2 shows how to then adjust specific label positions for readability.

Connections between switches and routers have the port names visible at the end of the connectors. The positioning of the port labels is done automatically and adjusts depending on the relative positioning of the shapes being connected Moving the switches and routers will result in the labels being repositioned automatically for optimal viewing.

Fig 2. Manual positioning of labels. Click to view.

Fig 2. Manual positioning of labels. (Click to view details)

Port label positioning

The labels on a selected connector have a yellow handle which you can click on and drag to fine tune a label position.

 This manual positioning can be reset (see menu options below).

Fig 3. Connector shape data. Click to view.

Fig 3. Connector shape data. (Click to view details)

Connector Shape Data

The labels for the ports are taken from shape data in the connector. These examples use the Visio output from AssetGen Connect where port names are automatically inserted into every connector shape. Connector data can also be added either by manual typing or by linking to a spreadsheet/database.

The intelligent network connector shape uses the port name data for display. Selecting a connection enables display of all embedded data in addition to port names.

Right – Click Menu Options

Fig 4. Right click menu. (Click to view details)

Fig 4. Right click menu. (Click to view)

  • Hide (Show) All Port Labels – this will hide (or show) the labels for all ports on the page.
  • Hide (Show) Port Labels – this hides (or shows) the labels only for the currently selected connector (it overrides the page settings).
  • Swap Ports A/B – this will swap the labels from one end to the other if they are incorrectly set in the data.
  • Reset Port Label Positions – this option is only enabled if you have manually positioned the labels for the connector. It resets the label positions to their defaults.
  • Reset Port Label Visibility – this option is only enabled if you have used Show/Hide Port Labels for the connector, which overrides the global page setting for port visibility. This option resets the connector to use the page option.

The video below shows the connector in use:

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