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Data Center Audits

Square Mile Systems has considerable experience in processes, techniques and practices for auditing of data centers, hardware and other infrastructures.

As many organisations have found to their cost, audits and collecting of hardware inventory are both time consuming and difficult to get right. Without knowledge, experience, planning and training, teams will make up their own standards as they go – leading to inconsistent and incomplete results. This frequently means that the audit needs to be done again wasting time, and money.

We can train up your audit teams and tailor our existing standards and processes to the particular needs of your organisation to ensure a consistent approach and have it right first time. Alternatively we can perform the audit for you in a timely and effective way, avoiding extra pressure on your existing staff.

We have performed audits for data centers and clients with distributed offices – for one law firm we audited all their UK offices and the reliability of the information provided was a vital input to their network refresh project.

data centre audits

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