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Practical data centre management Part 2

Following on from Part 1, the Part 2 course looks at improving the interfaces with external teams. Even if the data centre itself is well managed and controlled, it is only part of the IT delivery service and needs to have processes aligned with stakeholders requirements.

With differences in understanding between groups due to technologies, working practices and external pressures, this course aims to improve communications and processes. Making data centre and other teams familiar with the terms and jargon of management frameworks such as ITIL, 27001, 25999.

By attending our course, delegates will;

  • Understand how to articulate data centre issues to other teams
  • Be able to identify common process improvements
  • Become familiar with other teams jargon and objectives
  • Align capacity, change and other processes
  • Be able to assess data centre billing and charging mechanisms

With many data centres having power and cooling issues, ensuring that appropriate investment and cost recovery is put in place is a common part of modern data centre management priorities. As with all shared infrastructure, it takes management initiative to ensure it is used well and working practices are cultural, rather than individual. Managing the external team interfaces is necessary if data centre teams are to cope with all the demands placed on them by modern IT environments.

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